Toothpick Bridge Contest

The Challenge – Build a toothpick bridge capable of holding up 5 pounds or more. The bridge must be able to span a gap of 9" or more. Your materials are limited to100 round toothpicks. You may use any glue of your choice. (To glue the toothpicks together -- not to coat the bridge) No other materials are allowed.

The bridge must have a spot in the middle at least 1" wide where a bar can be placed across the bridge to hold the weight for testing.

The above gives you all the clues that you will get for building the bridge. You must research, design and test your own bridge. Remember that bridges built at the last minute may not dry properly to get full strength.

Below is a diagram of an appropriate testing set-up.

Two scores will be measured – Total weight held and total weight held divided by total weight of the bridge.


bridge.gif (2400 bytes) We will be testing our bridges the week of March 1.  We would like to know if others are doing a similar project and share their results with us.  All results and pictures of winning bridges will be posted on this page.

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